Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green with Envy

I cannot get full.

I hurried to work today in the hopes of snagging some plain oatmeal (we have oatmeal in the office) with raisins and the peanut butter I keep in my desk. We were out of plain, so I had to go for Apples & Cinnamon. This was difficult for me because it was DELICIOUSLY sweet. I managed. (I didn't take a photo)

Lunch: It was at Rosa Mexicano with some work people. I happily consumed some guac and chips, and a corn tortilla. For my entree, I had the Ensalada de la Calle con Atun al Pastor. Yes, that! I'm sure you know it well. For those who don't, it is basically a mango, pineapple, and jicama-based salad (I was expecting lettuce, but there were only three leaves) with barbecued tuna loin, toasted pumpkin seeds, all tossed in a honey-lime vinaigrette. It was aight. (I also didn't take a photo)

Dinner: A salad with croutons (x2), a piece of leftover french bread from Sunday, and some slices of pepper jack. And a Dove dark chocolate square, of course.

With the green apples & cinnamon oatmeal packet, the lunch full of guac, and the two salads at dinner,  it was a pretty green day.

Somewhere in there I had two tequila, orange juice, and basil drinks. They were delicious and not green.

I brought lunch that I didn't get to eat, and tomorrow I'm going out as well, but I'll probably eat it Friday, so you'll get to see the oh-so-exciting photo then.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise Sushi

Anytime I'm surprised with food, it pretty much makes my day. Tuesday was an added bonus because I had sushi for dinner (for which I wasn't planning) AND I got to hang out with my awesome friend.

I started the day off with a weight lifting session at the gym, followed by a rice-egg-leftover roasted broccoli-Thai chili sauce breakfast.

I also found out that Saved by the Bell is still on in the mornings. I had a mini panic attack for about a month, because we got a new TV and the channel changed (HD things). Thank goodness. My outlook on life has changed.

Lunch was spinach, tomato basil pasta sauce, two turkey meatballs, and a half of an everything bagel with butter. It shows up a lot in my life. (no photo)

Dinner - spicy tuna roll, eel cucumber roll, and salmon roll. Half price. Win.

My friend's was prettier, but I bet mine was more delicious.