Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise Sushi

Anytime I'm surprised with food, it pretty much makes my day. Tuesday was an added bonus because I had sushi for dinner (for which I wasn't planning) AND I got to hang out with my awesome friend.

I started the day off with a weight lifting session at the gym, followed by a rice-egg-leftover roasted broccoli-Thai chili sauce breakfast.

I also found out that Saved by the Bell is still on in the mornings. I had a mini panic attack for about a month, because we got a new TV and the channel changed (HD things). Thank goodness. My outlook on life has changed.

Lunch was spinach, tomato basil pasta sauce, two turkey meatballs, and a half of an everything bagel with butter. It shows up a lot in my life. (no photo)

Dinner - spicy tuna roll, eel cucumber roll, and salmon roll. Half price. Win.

My friend's was prettier, but I bet mine was more delicious.

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  1. Do you go out to a bagel place and buy your toasted everything bagel halves or do you bring them into your office?