Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally - A Brew

I'm posting this on Monday, but it's actually for Sunday. I wouldn't consider my Sunday busy, I just didn't quite get around to blogging. I spent a little while napping on the couch, snuggling with the pet. It was time consuming.

Diner Breakfast: (no photo) omelet w/ tomatoes, onions, feta, and tabasco
home fries
slice of wheat toast with butter
two cups of coffee with milk.

Whole Foods Lunch: While I was getting some treats for Oscar gathering, I picked up this gem from the Whole Foods hot bar
Wheat protein cooked in some spices
Fried(ish) rice with peas and carrots. It was surprisingly not greasy, although definitely white rice.

Party Dinner: I have decided that a party means me + at least 2 other people. This means, we had a party. I had a little bit of everything.


What: Frosty's Winter Wheat Wine
Who: Chelsea Brewing Company
Details: "With dark aromas of heavy malted wheat and some dark fruit paired with a smooth light wheat flavor, this beer is warming and surprisingly drinkable"
Cost: $11.99 for 64oz
Thoughts: it was more bitter than I was expecting (I guess barley wines are hoppier than I thought?), but surprisingly drinkable (ha) and definitely smooth. I can't say I tasted the fruit. Overall, it was ok, but not something I would want to drink on a regular basis.
Food: Um, Pita Chips. It didn't seem to go well with any of the cheeses we had...

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