Friday, February 25, 2011

Neverending Lunch

Recently, I've been hungry. Really hungry. The past few days, I just can't seem to eat enough. Today, I was working from home so I moved from my computer in the living room, back to the kitchen, back to the living room, back to the get the idea.

Since I was away last weekend, I didn't get the chance to do any strategic grocery shopping, so on Thursday, I stocked up on zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower. I knew I had some eggs and brown rice at home. I whipped up this little number to (attempt to) keep myself full until dinner. It worked out for a little while.

In the pictures:
1/4 cup brown rice (measured dry, then cooked)
1 egg, over medium
Thai chili sauce
Roasted cauliflower (on a pan with some olive oil, oven set to about 400 for 15ish minutes)

Not pictured: Roasted broccoli

I mixed them all together in the bowl. The broccoli adds some color, so I'll snap a photo with that the next time I eat it, which will probably be tomorrow.

After my egg feast, I had some leftover arugula and prosciutto pizza from last night, a couple of servings of Pirate's Booty, a few bites of light mint chocolate chip ice cream, a Dove Dark Chocolate Square, and I think that's it.

No brews yet, but don't worry, they're coming.

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